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Meet The Team


Lauren Montelbano
Executive Chef, Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor

Creating Conscious Plant-based Cuisine and Connection

Chef Lauren draws from her life experiences to create inventive, nutrient dense, plant-based meals. Each facet of her life plays into the creation of her food.

As a trained yoga instructor, Lauren has vowed to practice Ahimsa (non-harm), and only uses ingredients that haven't been sourced from animals. Having strengthened the mind-body connection through her practice, she sees the direct impact food has on the body, the psyche and the energetic systems.

 As a holistic nutritionist, Lauren uses ingredients that support overall health and well being. She infuses meals with medicinal herbs and spices and can tailor her approach to the individual needs of her clients.

As a former organic farmer, Lauren knows the importance of caring for the land and supporting the people who lovingly grow our food. She partners with local farmers to bring you meals made with the freshest ingredients.

Lauren is also an avid world traveler and brings home the concepts of different cuisines to share with her clients.


Through food, sharing stories, and supporting causes we believe in, we create a world rich in interconnection and compassion. 

Jenna McKee
Sous Chef, Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga and Trance Dance Instructor

Jenna Mckee is a vegan foodie, yoga teacher, ecstatic dance enthusiast, lover of animals and extremely passionate about health. She also serves on the board for Sol Criations Farm Santuary.

She started practicing yoga 10 years ago and this is when her life shifted. “Yoga taught me to love my body, to love all creatures and humans, better understand myself my worth and to nourish my body with healing foods” This transformation led her to get certified as a yoga and trance dance instructor and she has been teaching for the past 2 years.

Her love for cooking has blossomed over the years and she sees her creative energy flow when she’s in the kitchen and can’t wait to share her passion with the world!


Jenna is a certified holistic nutritionist through Cornell University. 


She truly believes we have the power to heal ourselves through nourishing foods and movement. She shares her enthusiasm and light with everyone she comes in contact with.


Kyle Julius

Chef Kyle came to cooking through fate as a dishwasher in his teens, beginning a long career in food service over 20 years ago. After spending years learning the trade in professional kitchens, he then pursued formal training through Madison College's Culinary Arts program, graduating with top honors.

From there, Kyle took that training through some of the finest restaurants in the area, including Oliver's Public House and restaurants in the Muramoto food group, as well as time spent as the opening staff for Heritage Tavern. In addition to working in some of the areas most prestigeous restaurants, Chef Kyle has also spent time as a Personal Chef, Executive Chef for a non-profit, Private Chef for one of Kohlers most exclusive members-only properties, as well as returning to Madison College to teach part time for the Culinary program.
A forager, hiker, paddler, and explorer of the natural world, Chef Kyle brings his knowledge of local, seasonal ingredients to his classic foundational cooking style. From foraging watercress in the depths of winter to hours spent in the woods harvesting prime mushrooms and edibles, connection to the food we eat shows in his custom created menus and experiences. With no event too remote or no logistic too wild, even backcountry events can be turned into memorable food moments, and with an extensive knowledge of restrictive diet menu planning, no one is left hungry at the table.

Ad-meow-istrative Assistant, Chief Taste Tester

Milton truly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and has a strong dedication to his craft. From attending video calls, keeping paperwork and folders warm, boosting moral, and enthusiastically trying any new recipes, Milton's contributions to The Vibrant Veg team are truly endless. 

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