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Chef Lauren's Philosophy

Creating Conscious Plant-based Cuisine and Connection

Chef Lauren draws from her life experiences to create inventive, nutrient dense, plant-based meals. Each facet of her life plays into the creation of her food.

As a trained yoga instructor, Lauren has vowed to practice Ahimsa (non-harm), and only uses ingredients that haven't been sourced from animals. Having strengthened the mind-body connection through her practice, she sees the direct impact food has on the body, the psyche and the energetic systems.

 As a holistic nutritionist, Lauren uses ingredients that support overall health and well being. She infuses meals with medicinal herbs and spices and can tailor her approach to the individual needs of her clients.

As a former organic farmer, Lauren knows the importance of caring for the land and supporting the people who lovingly grow our food. She partners with local farmers to bring you meals made with the freshest ingredients.

Lauren is also an avid world traveler and brings home the concepts of different cuisines to share with her clients.

Through food, sharing stories, and supporting causes we believe in, we create a world rich in interconnection and compassion. 

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